• Nibble was my go to magazine back in the day, I made sure I never missed an issue and from vol 3 on, I had every single issue to the end. In 2017, I asked Mike what I should do with them, if I was going to get the complete digital set. He gave me a couple ideas and it ended up that I gave them all away at Kansasfest and a little after that I ordered the complete set from him. He sent them along with a card and nice note. Very kind and pleasant man. Good memories.

    Neil Pobuda
  • I took the opportunity to write to Mike in 2017. I wanted to thank him for the influence his work had on my career choice. Here is my letter and his response, dated September 9, 2017:

    Dear Mr Harvey,

    I rarely have the opportunity to thank those that have had an effect on my life, directly or indirectly. I would like to take that opportunity now.

    Thank you.

    I remember as a teenager seeing Nibble on my local bookstore’s shelves and scrounging what I could, doing chores and all, to get the latest copy. Later, when I had a regular job, subscribing to Nibble was not a difficult choice to make.

    Through the pages of your magazine, I learned a lot. I found out what computers could actually be used for, and that the limits really were in the imagination of the User.

    My high school had Apple II computers (the II, II+, and the IIe), so I had a place to type in the programs I read about that piqued my interest the most.

    After graduating high school, I bought my own Apple IIgs, which I still have— it’s sitting to my immediate right, still running! I still have several issues of Nibble and will try something from their pages that I somehow missed over the years, and I enjoy every minute of it.

    I eventually settled into an interesting career in IT, working in Quality Assurance and eventually System Administration and Network Security.

    I dare say that my interests may not have traveled this route, had I not had a captivating magazine to show me that not only was the sky the limit, but I too could write programs that could get me there.

    Again, thank you very much!

    My very best regards,

    Bill Smith
    Somerset, MA

    Dear Bill,

    I was very touched by your email! After all these years, it’s particularly gratifying to know that Nibble was part of your life so many years ago… and to have it remembered for the contribution it made. Thanks so much for writing. It meant a lot to me.

    warmest regards,
    Mike Harvey

    William Smith

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